FC Kallon Football Club and Bo Rangers will represent Sierra Leone in the 2023/2024 Inter club club competition.

The draw is expected to take place today, Friday 21st July 2023. After the draw, they will discover their respective opponents. The two Sierra Leoneans clubs took Part in the competition last year but they were knocked out in the Preliminary stages.

However, considering their first bitter experienced in the said competition, their fans are expecting a different approach to compete with their African Opponents.

Meanwhile, as the Sierra Leone Premeir Climaxed this week, The Sierra Leone Football Association Premiere League Disciplinary and Protests Committee has fined FC Kallon for 10,000 in contempt of the Committee.

The contempt is due to FC Kallon refusal to honour a replay match between Kallon FC and Versus Wilberforce Strikers on 18th July 2023.