Bo Rangers and East End Lions have resolved their differences over Leone Stars midfielder, Prince Barrie.

The two teams issued a Joint statement which reads “You may be aware in January 2022 news of the transfer of Prince Barrie from the Ranger FC to East End Lions FC led to a stand-off between the two clubs with respect to the legality of the said transfer and ownership of the player, especially when Bo Rangers maintained that the players that the player’s contract was subsisting at the time of the transfer

“After weeks of negotiations leading to the regularization and compliance with football rules on transfer of players Bo Rangers have now agreed on terms for the release of the player Prince Barrie to East End Lions FC

“On behalf of both clubs we are pleased to inform the general public that Bo Rangers FC and East End Lions FC have maintained a good relationship in the past and we will like this to continue for the development of Football in Sierra Leone”

“The two clubs assured their fans that the impasse regarding the said transfer has been settled amicably.

“The Joint statement is signed by the Chairman Bo Rangers FC and Amb Junior, Chairman East End Lions FC”