The match between the Bai Bureh Warriors and FC Kallon has been put on hold over what the Bai Bureh Warriors fans and management team considered as match cheat. 

The reason that disrupted to match was as a result of a goal scored against Bai Bureh Warriors while they were celebrating their equalizing goal against FC Kallon.

Bai Bureh Warriors were one goal down to FC Kallon until they hammered an equalizer at the added minutes of the first half of the match. During the team’s celebration with fans who had anticipated for an equalizer, a kickoff was  taken which Bai Bureh Warriors players alleged to have known nothing about.

The referee awarding the goal to FC Kallon triggered the anger of the Bai Bureh Warriors players and fans who saw this as a match cheat.

The referee during the time of this write up was under hiding as fans were furious and angry.

It is yet unclear what decision the referee will take but from the look of this, fans have settled down awaiting referee’s decision. The conflict forced the referee to called the end of first half.