Following the row between the Sierra Leone Football Association and the Leone Stars players, the Secretary General of SLFA, Christopher Kamara has questioned  the love and support Leone Stars players have for Sierra Leone in a recent interview with 98.1 radio Station.

In the said interview, the Secretary General pointed out that Leone Stars is the only team that went to the AFCON Competition with a departure allowance. He expresses his disappointment as players failed to onboard  their flight to Cameroon because they insisted that they should be given a departure allowance.

He added that the refusal of the  players to onboard their flight on time cost the Sierra Leone Football Association extra $10,000. He thanked the president for intervening by providing  the $3,000 before the team departed for Cameroon.

Kamara further stated that the Sierra Leone  Football Association has been compromising a lot with players to the extent players are now becoming indiscipline. He added that  it is time for the Football Association to tackle indiscipline behavior amongst players. He cited the recent row between Chelsea winger Hakim Ziyech and the tough stance of the Moroccan Football Association over indiscipline.  He confirmed that  suspension is one of the many actions the Football Association will take against players that are indiscipline.

However, emphasized that SLFA is yet to institute any disciplinary action and now they having backlash.

Kamara further emphasized that the Minister Sport Ibrahim Yelenkeh was caught  in a very difficult  situation in Cameroon with the players. He confirmed that before the team left for Cameroon, the approved budget was $3,000 as match appearance fee. He recalled that during the eve of Leone Stars match, the Players Insisted for $5,000 or they will abandon the match. He further asked the question; where is the Nationalism?

The Secretary General concluded by stating that there are some other countries who gave their player 2,500euros  for the tournament and they accepted it without threatening to abandon a match,