Sierra Leonean Student Allegedly Killed by Teacher in Bo Town For Stealing a Phone

A terrible and barbaric incident is reported to have occurred at Mombie in Bo Town, Southern Province of Sierra Leone, where a teacher allegedly killed his student for stealing a mobile phone.

According to statements made by the grandfather of the deceased, the teacher called the grandfather and explained to him that his grandson is with him and that he has stolen a phone, the grandfather then requested that he speak with his grandson, upon speaking to him, he asked his grandson if he was the one that stole the phone but his grandson told him that he is unable to speak at his present situation.

The grandfather continued that immediately the boy told him that he is unable to speak, he heard the teacher strike his grandson over the phone. The grandfather begged the teacher not to beat his grandson and told him to give him till evening that day to contact the boy’s father and pay for the stolen phone to which the teacher agreed.

He furthered that later in the evening, he called the teacher and informed him that he was unable to get the boy’s father and that he will try later and get back to him in the morning.

The next morning, he said he was reading Quran when the teacher called him and told him that he is sorry because as he was going to give the boy transport to return home, he found him dead.

He added that he told him, his grandson is not dead but the teacher insisted that the boy is dead. He said he then cried out loud that the teacher is the one that has killed his grandson.

“He has killed my grandson” cried the grandfather.

That was the part of the grandfather of the late student.

According to Sarah Kallay Blog, a source from the Sierra Leone Police and a family member disclosed that four suspects are being held including Amara Bunduka, the teacher, as the Prime suspect, his wife Mary Bunduka, Lansana Momoh who is the owner of the phone and one Alfred Harding. These four have been accused of tieing and assaulting the deceased.

Another suspect only known as Basiru is on the run. His place of work, a carpentry shop has been closed until his apprehension.

Post-mortem held on Mohamed Kamara by Dr. Owizz Koroma in Makeni had shown that the boy had died due to strangulation.

The bereaved family are calling on the Government for Justice to prevail in this matter.


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  • Ali Lassayo | 2022-05-20 20:02:53
    This is unbelievable, am speechless...
  • Med | 2022-05-20 19:02:27
    The problem with most of you bloggers with half baked qualifications parading to be journalist is that you never get your fact right before posting/publishing. Do you know that you can be sued for just your caption? Ensure your caption reflects your story.
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