The President of Sierra Leone football Association Thomas Daddy Brima has cleared the air amidst controversy between the General Secretary, Chris Kamara and Leone Stars players suitcases.

In his statement, Daddy Brima started by apologizing for his late response.  He stated that it is Unfortunate, he was out of the country but his  able exco team has looked into this matter and came up with reasonable answers.

However, he pointed out that what comes to his mind is, why the attention for the Suitcase as against the numerous serious issues at hand to be dealt with?

He digest the Suitcase issue proper by  addressing the administrative staffs and the players

Addressing the administrative staff, President Brima says ”This is administrative issue, if the General Secretary had instructed for the suitcases to be return, for onward use, what is wrong with that?
And secondly if my GS knows very well that there are people waiting just to make negative news against the federation then, he should have navigated his decision properly.

Addressing the players, the president of the Football Association expresses his disappointment by asking them an emotional question; “for God sake why should a $45 Suitcase be an issue after all the pressure he had to put government under so that players  can get enough money?.

He added that If really this is genuine all this boys have his number, they could have called him. He confirmed that Kei and some others called him and he told them he was out of the country and that he needed clarity on the issue. Some others said they did not know they were to return the Suitcase and some did return the Suitcase.

President Brima believes that If truly we want to work as a family this could have being resolved easily. He admonishes Sierra Leoneans that for the good of Sierra Leone  football, we need to come together. He emphasized that fighting is not going to help us In any way.

He concluded by stating that “What I see hear is too much animosity. Too much anger!!! Why ??? Why should we be making trivial issues so serious only because people want others to look bad?? This is soooo bad. And guess what, we will change SL football regardless!! We will qualify for all onward tournaments and the Green, the white and the blue will fly high again.”