Mr. Haroun Korjie, the Director of Sports in the Ministry of Sports, has initiated an Inter-Community Football Gala featuring 16 local communities vying for a substantial prize of Le25m. The inaugural event commenced with a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, November 11, 2023, graced by the kickoff from the newly appointed national football head coach, Mr. Amidu Karim, and the technical director at SLFA.

Set within the Rokel municipality, this unique gala is the first of its kind, promising medals for the first and runner-up teams. Mr. Korjie, not only the brain behind the competition but also its sponsor, emphasized the objective of keeping the youth engaged to deter involvement in crimes and drugs.

He remarked, “I want to keep the youths engaged. This will deter them from getting involved in crimes and drugs.”

As the competition unfolds, the spotlight is on identifying and nurturing talent, aligning with Mr. Korjie’s vision to develop players. His commitment extends to owning a Division Two football team in the community, solidifying his dedication to the growth of sports at the grassroots level.

The culmination of this spirited competition is scheduled for Christmas Day, adding a festive touch to the event. Mr. Korjie expressed his intention to make this an annual affair, underscoring his enduring commitment to providing a platform for the youth to showcase their athletic prowess and, in turn, fostering a positive impact on the community.