East End Lions Football Club has officially appointed Asmaa James, the former Chairperson of the Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League Board, as the new Head of Women’s Football.

Asmaa James, known for her dedication and passion for women’s football, brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Having previously served as the inaugural Chairlady of the revamped Sierra Leone Women’s Premier League Board, she is set to leverage her expertise and leadership in fostering the development of female football within East End Lions.

In her capacity as the Head of Women’s Football, Asmaa James will oversee various aspects of the female football program, including player recruitment, training initiatives, and competition scheduling. Collaborating closely with coaching staff and players, she aims to strategically plan for the growth and advancement of women’s football within the club.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Chairlady Asmaa James conveyed her commitment to empowering women through football. She looks forward to working with the talented players and dedicated staff, aiming for success both on and off the field.

East End Lions Football Club expressed confidence in Asmaa James’ ability to lead the women’s football program, anticipating a positive impact across different team categories. The club believes her leadership will elevate the women’s team to new heights, showcasing the abundant talent and potential of female footballers in Sierra Leone.

The appointment aligns with East End Lions’ steadfast commitment to supporting women’s football and providing ample opportunities for female players to excel in the sport. With Asmaa James at the helm, the club envisions a bright future for the women’s team and anticipates continued success in promoting gender equality within the realm of football.