End Lions Football Club has issued a Press release expressing dismay over disciplinary Committee decision to award Bo Rangers 3 points and 3 Goal.

The release confirms that East End Lion Football Club has received a copy of the decision of the protest and Discipline committee of the Premeir League Board “In the Matter of a Protest by Bo Rangers FC against Ports Authority FC for Fielding Unqualified/ineligible players.”

The emphasized that East End Lions is dismayed with the decision of the Committee to declare the result a nullity and that three (3) Points and three goals are awarded in favour of Bo Rangers FC in respect of the said match.

The release further confirms that though East End Lions was not party to matter, the decision has profound implications for the title race. “We are an interested Party. We have asked our lawyers to study the decision and advise us on our legal options. The club has major concerns about the independence and neutrality of two members of the Committee who we believe should have recused themselves from the matter.” the release pointed out

The Press release concludes that East End Lion strongly believes that the championship of the Premeir League should won base on result on the football pitch.