In a recent announcement, East End Lions Football Club revealed the appointment of Jeffrey Podolski Komba-Kono as the Deputy Chairman of their esteemed Fan Club.

The official letter of appointment expressed the club’s delight in informing Komba-Kono about this significant role.

The letter reads:

I am pleased to inform you that you have been appointed as the DEPUTY CHAIRMAN of the East End Lions Fan Club. Your dedication and passion for our team make you an ideal candidate for this role. We look forward to your valuable

contributions in supporting and enhancing the Fan Club experience.

This appointment recognizes Komba-kono’s unwavering commitment to the East End Lions and his notable enthusiasm for the team. Fans anticipate that his role as Deputy Chairman will bring a fresh perspective and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the East End Lions Fan Club. Congratulations to Jeffrey Podolski Komba-kono on this well-deserved appointment!