The management of East End Lions FC has expressed heartfelt gratitude to their supporters following the recent match against Bo Rangers FC.

Despite the team’s loss, the fans were commended for their exemplary behavior and sportsmanship, reflecting the club’s values and dedication to fostering a positive sporting environment.

In a statement, the management emphasized their appreciation: “The management of East End Lions FC would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our fans. We acknowledge your unwavering dedication and commitment to our Club and, most importantly, the behavior, conduct, and sportsmanship shown throughout yesterday’s match against Bo Rangers, notwithstanding our loss.”

This public acknowledgment underscores the club’s recognition of the integral role that supporters play, not only in cheering on the team but also in upholding the spirit of the game. The fans’ decorum during the match was highlighted as a testament to their loyalty and respect for the sport, reinforcing the strong community spirit that East End Lions FC values.

Additionally, the management addressed circulating rumors regarding the suspension of Trainer Mohamed Fornah, commonly known as Medo. They categorically denied these claims, stating, “Management will also want to make it explicitly clear that reports making the news that Trainer Mohamed Fornah (Medo) has been suspended or set aside from the East End Lions Technical team are untrue, unfounded, and baseless. Our technical team remains intact as we prepare for our next league match.

This clarification aims to dispel any misinformation and assure fans and stakeholders of the club’s stability and focus as they move forward. T