FC Johansen Football Club has been accused of assaulting an Assistant football referee [AR2] Ibrahim S. Thomas after losing 1-0 yesterday against Real Republicans at their home ground in Makeni.

Thomas was accused of refusing FC Johansen a goal in the first half of play after he flagged for an offside to annul the said controversial goal.

FC Johansen Bulgarian Coach Dimitar Pantev was also shown a red-Card for unsportsmanship behavior during the said match.

According to reports, after their shocking defeat, supporters and some of their players allegedly led by Abubakarr Sankoh attacked the officials with a specific attack on the AR2 Ibrahim S. Thomas.

The said ugly incident has left many in Shock and also questioning how are match officials in the Sierra Leone Premier League. Many football fans are pointing fingers at the Sierra Leone Premier League Board that if appropriate measures are not put in place to ensure the safety of match officials, they fear the worse will happen to them.