Football powerhouse FC Kallon is back on track with its ambitious project to install artificial turf at the Angola Playing Field in Goderich. This news comes as several other playing fields across the country are undergoing similar upgrades.

Recent photos circulating online reveal the groundwork being laid for a perimeter fence, marking the initial stage of the project. The existing MK3/10 Angola Field is notorious for its uneven surfaces and textures, posing challenges for players’ movement and ball control.

Artificial turf promises to revolutionize the field, eliminating these limitations. Its advantages include lower surface friction compared to natural grass, providing players with better footing and reducing the risk of injuries like scratches and broken legs.

FC Kallon CEO, Mohamed Kallon has previously appealed to fans, well-wishers, and corporate institutions for their support in making this project a reality. The club views this initiative as a significant step towards improving the overall standard of football in Sierra Leone and providing a top-notch facility for its team and the community.

This development coincides with a recent trend of artificial turf installations across Sierra Leone, signifying a potential leap forward for the country’s football infrastructure.