Former Sierra Leone veteran player, Kei Ansu Kamara has reacted to the unexpected protest that led to bloodshed in Sierra Leone.

A protest predefined to be a peaceful protest orchestrated to a bloodshed that left about 21 corpses including officers and civilians. This act of citizens and the Police going into blows, have been condemned by stakeholders including the first gentle man of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Maada Bio.

Kei Kamara narrating the impacts of this situation to the outside world and investors wanting to invest in the country also condemned the practice and urged Sierra Leoneans to think twice before taking actions that might lead to lives being lost in the process or anything that will damage the image of the country to the outside world.

According to Kei he woke with trauma to the fact that his beloved country was on a bloodshed protest. After his morning exercises, Kei said he had to check his family to follow up to the happenings in Sierra Leone.

Seeing photos of both civilians and Police brutally killed, Kei expressed his disappointment to the situation. Addressing the impact of the said protest, Kei mentioned that our actions trying to seek job opportunities from the government of the day or fighting for what you thought could resolved your problems at hand is also detrimental to the country’s economy.

This he stated because, investors wanting to invest in Sierra Leone would have the fear to invest knowing to the fact Sierra Leone is not how it has been portrayed over the years of being peaceful.

According to Kei, his days in the U.S have been fruitful as he tries day by day selling the image of Sierra Leone to the outside world. Sierra Leone is known for it 11 years war among others. Since around 2001 when the country is declared war free zone, many Sierra Leoneans have been doing their best within and the diaspora to portray the good image of Sierra Leone. Working tirelessly in their own little ways to sell Sierra Leone to investors outside the country.

Looking at the photos and video displaying violence in the country, this portrays different story from what investors are told and this will create panic in their minds to invest in the country.