Sierra Leones Mohamed Buya Turay has asked the President Julius Maada Bio to give his share of $10,000 and his plot land to the poor.

He said this after the country won the match against Benin Qualifying them for the African Cup of Nations.

Buya few moments ago sent a message to the president via his Facebook page.

Buya in his message showed the plan he had for the promised 100 Million Leones and the parcel of land that is to be allocated to the players of the National Team.

He wrote “Me money way me president dea gee me, and land ah go build dea for gee d lucky poor families way dem live na street way ah go meet freetown by God power.”

Which translates that his own share of money and land promised by the president would be used to construct a house and he would give the said property to a poor family living on the street in Freetown.

He also wrote” Duya wunna pass dis message for me,so ihn go reach to the president and d mami say na dat ah wan for do abeg mek ihn nor forget me duya till December salary.

Which translates as him asking for his message to be passed on to the president and his wife for them not to forget about the monthly salaries also promised them from now till December.

The question now that’s on people’s lips is whether or not he qualifies to benefit from the said promised given that he was not present for the match due to his injury.