Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Sierra Leone staff held an Inter-Branch Football Gala which climaxed on Sunday, May 26th, 2024, to honor the memories of their late Sports Director, Mohamed Salieu Jalloh, and colleague, Isata Bah.

The grand finale at the O X-Ray Arena in Freetown saw HQ Marketing (*9737+ FC) face off against E/T East (Salary Loan FC) in a spirited match. The energetic crowd of supporters and spectators created an electric atmosphere filled with cheers, reflecting Jalloh and Bah’s passion for sports and community.

HQ Marketing (*9737+ FC) dominated the match with a decisive 5-0 victory over E/T East (Salary Loan FC). The team showcased exceptional skill and teamwork, attributes that Jalloh had tirelessly worked to instill in all sporting activities at the Bank.

Both teams were recognized for their participation in the event honoring their esteemed colleagues. Outstanding individual performances were also celebrated with special awards.

GTBank also used the occasion to connect with customers, showcasing their latest banking products and services. The event provided a platform for customers to learn about new opportunities with GTBank, enhancing their banking experience while enjoying a day of sport and community bonding.

The Inter-Branch Football Gala served as a beautiful tribute to Mohamed Salieu Jalloh and Isata Bah. It celebrated their contributions to GTBank and the community, emphasizing the values of unity, teamwork, and excellence they embodied. Their legacies will continue to inspire and guide the GTBank family.