The Missionary side, HADA FC continues their campaign against drugs through football and education.

Today Tuesday 13th September 2022 the visitation goes to the Holy Annunciation Orthodox School that is situated in Kroobay as books, pens and jerseys were given to the pupils.

The visit was timely as HADA FC and the Holy Annunciation Orthodox Primary School are all Ambassadors of the Orthodox Mission.

As the rate of drug abuse is overrated in Sierra Leone, the Secretary General of the club Prince Samuel Coker enlightened the pupils in the school about the abuse of drugs as the vicinity where the school is instituted is one of the notorious communities that are addicted to drugs.

He told the pupils that the club is frowning at it and charity begins at home so being that the players and the pupils are a parcel and parcle of the Orthodox Mission they must ensure they hang heads together to eradicate and champion the fight against drugs

He continued the discussion and encouraged the pupils “to edge closer to God as the team knew exactly what they have been reaping courtesy of the Church, the school is not an exemption as it was transformed courtesy of the Church he lamented”.

He then told them “always be attentive in Church as the Church has contributed immensely to the change of lives in the country as I’m asking you to be Godly and always ready to listen to Bishop Themi. Eventhough Sierra Leone is a religious tolerance country the Orthodox Mission is always open to everyone ”

Team Captain Abu Koroma was delighted to talk about the Almighty God and the transformation that football had done in their lives since joining HADA FC.