With blames coming from all angles bashing, wife of Leone Stars striker, Hawa Tombo has on a voice note talking to an alleged brother named Nat disclosed he own side of the Musa Tombo’s Libya saga.

Talking on the voice note, Hawa disclosed to NAT that she has been trying as a woman to provide full support to Musa. But later affiliate Musa’s misfortunes to superstition.

Initially, Hawa told Nat that, the team had bought two tickets for Musa to travel along with Hawa in Libya on Friday, before Musa departed on Sunday alone. Hawa continued that, after Musa having a short meeting with his mother before the said travel date, he later told Hawa she is no longer traveling with him. As a busy hardworking woman, Hawa decided to go to Bo city and continued her business.

“…as a strong and busy woman, I had to travel to Bo to continue my business…..” Hawa mentioned.

Hawa continued saying that, she has been giving her support to see Musa continues his football career in Libya after his contract with Bo Rangers terminated. She added that, Musa went to Libya and within few hours, he called that he wanted to return home and threatened that if his request is not granted quick, he will do a video claiming if anything happened to him in Libya, it is in the hands of Hawa and the agent.

With dismay over her husband’s misfortunes and the rumours cycling the media, Hawa disclosed that, the situation of Must rejecting international football career must have been the fourth time this similar situation is happening and that she is ashamed but yet people are blaming her over Musa’s wahalas.

Hawa concluding his voice note summarized that, the problem of Musa is his family. This she affirmed that the family has been into superstitious/witchcraft which has been disturbing Musa. She furthered that she has been going from one church to the other fighting Musa’s battles spiritually but it has not been easy. She also affirmed that, she had done dry fasting to fight Musa’s misfortunes spiritually which she has never done before in her life.

Talking on the video which was released by Musa on his TikTok account, Hawa affirmed that it was Musa’s plan to do to compel the agent and Hawa to bring him home.

“…if you don’t take me to Sierra Leone, I will do a video blaming you and the agent for anything that happens to me in Libya…” Hawa explained to Nat on what Musa told her.

With mixed feelings of disappointment and being a strong woman, Hawa concluded that many will say their minds but those who truly know her will know that she is not the type of Hawa they are calling all kinds of names.

Listen to the Voice Note: