Hawa Tombo has responded to critics for spreading rumours that she dated popular footballer; Musa Tombo to become famous and to depend on him.

On her video, she cleared the air that she did not depend on Musa Tombo and she is not a liability to anyone. Hawa continued saying that she didn’t dated Musa to become famous neither to depend on him. She asserted that, she dated the football star out of empathy, “I dated Musa because I have empathy for him”. Hawa boasted that she is not seeing Musa Tombo as her boyfriend but as someone that she wants to carry through during his life process so that he can achieve something in his life. “I am not even seeing Musa as my boyfriend,” she boasted.

Hawa shared three (3) passport books with stamps. She blasted critics that if she wanted to become famous, she would have travelled to the United States and become a porn star. “For you that are spreading rumours that I dated Musa because I want to become famous, if I really want to become famous, I will become a porn star. I will travel to the United States and become a porn star”. She bragged.

While showing stamps on the passport books, Hawa Tombo said that she started hanging out with people at the age of seventeen (17). She added that she has hanged out with people that are important in the society than Musa Tombo.

She concluded that, she never wanted to respond to critics but they have pushed her to the wall. She showed her body and buttocks and praised her body. She said she has a good shape and her body is in good order. If she wants to become famous, she will just open her legs and start acting porn. “Do you see my body and shape?” she asked. I didn’t package my waist with false waist and I don’t have bleeding marks and I don’t have ‘kro-kro n lagba-lagba’ that I should be ashamed of. I would have opened my legs widely and act blues so that I can popular more than dating Musa” – she concluded.