Former Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President, and a FIFA counsel member, Madam Isha Johansen has committed to empowering Female Inmates with football transformative rehabilitation initiatives.

Johansen made this remarks during the inauguration of the CAF license D coaching course for female inmates at the Female Correctional Center in Freetown on November 23, 2023.

During her speech at the ceremony, she expressed gratitude to all the attendees, with special acknowledgment for the representatives from CAF and the Sierra Leonean government.

Johansen encouraged the female inmates participating in the coaching course to view football as a tool for change and rehabilitation. She emphasized that acquiring coaching skills would facilitate their integration into society after serving their sentences. Addressing the inmates, she empathetically asserted that many found themselves in their current situation due to acts of self-defense, urging them not to lose hope.

In a commitment to their future, Johansen pledged to extend opportunities for the female inmates to pursue higher coaching licenses, including C, B, and A. Her vision extends beyond the prison walls, aspiring for these women to become influential figures not only in African football but globally.

Promising more than just football skills, Johansen assured the inmates of her dedication to exploring avenues for the potential release of some individuals. Her empowerment initiative for female inmates in Sierra Leone reaches for the skies, demonstrating a genuine commitment to reshaping lives and fostering a positive impact on the broader community.