Sierra Leone Islamic web has offered possible solution to take Musa Tombo to spiritual healing centres that follow “Strict Islamic guidelines” for proper Islamic institutional interventions. Below are the words of the Sierra Leone Islamic Web:

“It’s really sad and pathetic for Musa Tombo, to be honest, we do think he needs Institutional intervention to help him navigate his issues since close relationships are not working.

We guess he is a Muslim, can we try taking him to ruqyah centers (very effective spiritual healing centers who follow strict Islamic guidelines and not those juju people “Morray Man” who will even make your problem worst), with his own free will of course?

Since many people are associating his problems with spiritual issues, he needs a proper diagnosis on sihr (black magic), jinn (devils), witchcraft and the likes. These things are 100% real and should not be taken for granted.

If it is not related to a spiritual problem, then can social welfare, mental health and therapeutic related institutions come to his aid, please? Many people may be going through a lot that need help like him too.

Please share this and let this message reach out to his guardian, close ones and anyone concerned, you can contact us to recommend certified Muslim spiritual healers in Freetown that are very effective and have treated all types of spiritual cases through the help and permission of Allah.

We ask Allah to guide him, save him and grant him a cure for anything he is going through, Ameen.”