Sierra Leonean Journalist Mohamed Elba has called on the President of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Thomas Daddy Brima to take disciplinary action against Secretary General Christopher Kamara.

Elba made this comment on his Facebook reacting to the suitcase saga between the Secretary General and the  Leone Stars Players.

He started by recalling that since his appointment as Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association, Chris Kamara has consistently put the name of the FA into disrepute and exposing it to public ridicule.  He express his disappointment by asking an emotional question; “How can a Sec. Gen. who is supposed to implement directives from the executive committee, on behalf of the football membership, take a unilateral decision without recourse to his bosses?”

He believes that It is now clear that the decision to withhold monies meant for the players until they return carry-on suit cases given to them to represent the country at the just concluded AFCON 2021 did not come from the executive committee but Chris Kamara alone.

He recalled that During the reign of Isha Johansson as President of the FA, it is evident that majority of the football membership had issues with Chris Kamara. Some of the issues hovers around insubordination, lack of respect, incompetence to adequately manage the affairs of the FA and a complete disregard to the constitution of the FA.

He pointed out that when Thomas Daddy Brima was elected President last year, many hoped that the excesses of Chris Kamara will be short-lived or possibly replace him with a more level-headed Sec. Gen. that has the right temperament and tenacity to head the administration of the FA. Unfortunately, it appears as if Chris Kamara is getting his way unabated even at the detriment of the image of our country.

He concluded his submission by calling on Thomas Daddy Brima, that this singular act of Chris Kamara has put your leadership to test. If you and your executive committee members can sit-by and see Chris Kamara get away with this (without any disciplinary action taken) will prove to some of us that your desire to transform football for the better in Sierra Leone was just lip-service.