Junior Lahai, the formidable footballer known for his prowess on the field, has declared his retirement from professional football at the age of 30.

The announcement came as a surprise to many fans who have followed Lahai’s illustrious career.

In a heartfelt statement, Lahai expressed gratitude to his supporters, stating, “After a long period of my football career, I am pleased to announce that I will be retiring from playing football at age 30. It has been a great experience for me. I want to say thanks to all those who supported me during my football career from start to end. I am grateful and I love you all.

Lahai’s career has been marked by stellar performances and memorable moments on the pitch. Hailing from Kamboi Eagles, Lahai quickly rose through the ranks, catching the attention of football enthusiasts with his exceptional skills and dedication to the game.

Throughout his career, Lahai has played for various clubs, including Kamboi Eagles. His talent and leadership qualities have earned him admiration and respect from teammates, opponents, and fans alike.