The FC Kallon Supporters Fan Club has taken a bold step in a bid to ensure the safety of their members as they urge them to boycott the upcoming match against Bo Rangers.

The decision was reached after repeated hostility, aggression, and desperation displayed by the Bo Rangers fans during the last three meetings, as highlighted in a statement issued by the FC Kallon Supporters Club.

“Notable of the three was last season’s fixture in Bo, where we were brutally tortured and detained. Also, our team bus was vandalized,” they stated.

The FC Kallon Supporters Club has emphasized their desire to see football played in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, stressing that their primary objective is to protect the valuable supporters and ensure that they are safe to cheer their darling FC Kallon on every match day.

Sources on the ground are telling us that our colleague supporters in Bo are currently under serious threat and intimidation ahead of Sunday’s fixture. They are very scared to go to the Stadium for the match, especially in their FC Kallon wears. Therefore, we have asked them to stay at home for the sake of peace”

The Supporters Club has called on the Sierra Leone Premier League Board and Football stakeholders to look into their concerns as they caution fans that they will not take responsibility for any of their members who might have a contrary view to this boycott notice.

The Fan Club emphasized their desire to distance themselves from any act of violence in football, highlighting the league season’s theme, “Football for Peace and National Cohesion.”