In what promises to be a thrilling display of family rivalry, the Kallon brothers are set to face off today on the football pitch. Three brothers, each with their own team, will clash in a highly anticipated match at the Football Academy playing grounds.

The headlining event will feature Mohamed Kallon, the youngest of the trio, leading his team, FC Kallon, against his elder brother Musa Kallon’s squad, Frances FC. Adding to the familial drama, Kemokai Kallon will be in the mix as the Goal Keeper Coach, completing the trifecta of sibling competition.

Mohamed Kallon, who also serves as the head coach of FC Kallon, has not shied away from expressing his confidence in his family’s abilities on the field. “The Kallon family will definitely win today,” he emphasized, setting the stage for what promises to be an intense showdown between the brothers.

Despite the friendly familial banter, Mohamed Kallon also took a moment to acknowledge the prowess of his elder brother, Musa Kallon, who leads Frances FC. “My elder brother Musa Kallon is arguably the best coach in Sierra Leone,” Mohamed stated, adding a layer of mutual respect to the sibling rivalry.

With both teams eager to claim victory and bragging rights within the Kallon family, spectators can expect an electrifying match filled with skillful plays and strategic maneuvers. The clash of coaching tactics and player abilities is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game.

The stage is set for the Kallon family showdown, with FC Kallon facing off against Frances FC today, Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 4:15 PM. Football enthusiasts and supporters alike are encouraged to come witness the spectacle firsthand at the Football Academy playing grounds.

As anticipation builds and excitement mounts, all eyes will be on the Kallon brothers as they lead their respective teams onto the field. With family pride and football glory at stake, this match is poised to be a memorable event for both the Kallon family and football enthusiasts across Sierra Leone.