Kallon Football Club (FC Kallon) is set to miss qualifying for the CAF Confederation Cup after lack of poor form landed them in third position in the Sierra Leone Premier League.

The team is in a very risky situation, after dropping points on crucial matches in recent days. The Cavaliers will only qualify for the CAF competition if they finish in a second position behind the already crowned leader, Bo Rangers.

The battle for the second spot intensifies as they dropped to third with 59 points, just one point behind East End Lions who won their match against East End Tigers.

FC Kallon’s draw with Freetown City FC in their home match sent them back. Simon Macfoy scored a brilliant goal in the 87th minute, granting the visitors the lead. But their star striker and current top scorer, Alie Nzonzi Conteh, came to the rescue by converting a penalty just a minute later, securing a valuable point for his team.

With only two matches remaining in the season, FC Kallon’s immediate focus is on regaining their winning form. They must strive to secure victories in their remaining matches to secure the second spot and earn a place in the CAF Confederation Cup.

More so, their position is further threatened by Mighty Blackpool, currently sitting fourth with 54 points and having two games in hand. If Mighty Blackpool manages to win those matches, FC Kallon’s position could be compromised even further.

The pressure is on to secure a higher position, and the team’s quest for success hangs in the balance. Fans of the Cavaliers eagerly anticipate the team’s response in the remaining matches, hoping for a triumphant resurgence that solidifies their position among the league’s top contenders. FC Kallon’s next fixture is an away match against Real Republicans on Saturday, July 15, 2023.