Former Leone Stars forward who doubles as the sole owner of the third position in the All-time MLS scorer chart, and also the CEO of Heart Shape Foundation Kei Ansu Kamara has on a video disclosed a donation of 40ft loaded container to Sierra Leone. 

Kei Kamara is the founding member of the Kei HeartShapedHands foundation. The foundation which is geared to give back to his home country, Sierra Leone by providing for the less privilege to help offset the costs of education.

In 2012, Kei Kamara founded the HeartShapedHands foundation with the sole purpose of providing scholarships to schools and students in his home country of Sierra Leone, West Africa. The foundation, named after his signature goal celebration, has allowed Kamara to follow his heart and use his hands to give back to his home country, a place for which he is very passionate.

The same year, the organization had its very first overseas activity in a Montreal-area suburb as the foundation hosted a youth soccer clinic and equipment fundraiser. Accompanied by a handful of special guests from CF Montréal’s senior team, including Victor Wanyama and Rudy Camacho, Kei’s team welcomed girls and boys ages U8 to U13 for two exclusive 90-minute soccer clinics. All funds collected went towards offsetting the rising shipping costs the foundation faces in its expedition of donated soccer equipment to children in Sierra Leone.

After being so busy making thing happen and bring the container donation to sierra Leone, Kei disclosed he has been working with other partners over these past months. According to Kei, the donation was the first to have come from Canada. He added that the foundation received donations from different parts of the world including Toronto, Montreal etc.

The celebrity continued that the container is finally ready to be shipped to Sierra Leone in due time. Even though the content of the container is not disclosed, but as the foundation seeks to providing educational aid to Sierra Leoneans, among other possible donations could be educational items.

Concluding his announcement of the donation, Kei appreciated the efforts of numerous personnel who have one way or the other contributed to making the donation ready to be shipped to Sierra Leone.

On an interview with Kei sometimes back, he disclosed that the funds raised through the HeartShapedHands foundation goes directly to schools and students to help offset the costs of education. Even though the Bio government flagship gears to providing free and quality education to all Sierra Leoneans, it is undoubtedly true that there are some Sierra Leoneans who may benefit but also could not afford much as teachers allegedly take money from poor parents amidst the Free Quality Education. As the government on one way or the other cannot provide all its citizens needs, the HeartshapeHands Foundation has always been around since 2012 to help provide quality education to the young generation.

Scholarships are provided to a number of identified students who demonstrate a willingness to continue their education and a commitment to success. Additional scholarships are also given to individual schools for teaching supplies, equipment and necessary safety repairs to create a better learning environment for its students.

Whether it has been through its unwavering commitment to its core mission of providing scholarships to students and to individual schools for teaching supplies or through its other endeavors like the raising of $20,000 in emergency funds for flood victims (2017) and annual equipment drives to create better access to youth sports, Kamara’s foundation has remained deeply engaged and at the forefront of social issues facing Sierra Leonean youth for over a decade now.