Former Sierra Leone’s Striker, Kei Kamara has aired his views on the situation involving the appointment of the national football team head coach. 

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) on Tuesday announced Amidu Karim as the Head Coach in charge of Leone Stars for the African Qualifiers of the FIFA World Cup 2026. Prior to that, they have been speculations that a former Leone stars captain, Mohamed Kallon would be appointed for the role.

Responding to the decision made by the SLFA, Kallon said on Friday that he was joyful, recalling how the SLFA recognized his leadership potential to manage the national team. “They saw a leader in me,” Kallon said. However, he acknowledged the differences in terms and conditions between himself and the association, highlighting that it’s a part of life to experience both setbacks and victories.

Sharing his thoughts on Kallon’s post, Kei Kamara who recently retired from international football, maintained that Kallon should let go of the plans of heading the national team. In Kamara’s words, Kallon should set aside the “political statements” and be guided by his heart.

Kamara highlighted Kallon’s unwavering love and sacrifices for his country despite facing betrayal. He emphasizes the importance of sharing genuine feelings with the public, noting the pain that often comes with love.

His message statement reads; This is your problem, you need to let go, say your peace. You can’t keep being so patriotic. You have to put these political statements to the side and let your heart speak. We are human and we are not perfect. The country you love, and have given your ALL for, it’s people have punished/backstabbed you for decades but yet you keep being this humble soul and your family (me included) crying for all your suffering. Too much to write but big bro you have to open up to your people. LOVE HURTS