Leone Stars Head Coach, John Keister was in court on Monday, 17th April 2023 to testify on his alleged missing bag that contain properties worth Nle32,750 worth of properties.

Testifying in court, Keister, the complainant, recognised the accused and narrated that he left his green bag in his Jeep after parking along the Wilkinson Road.

He further stated that he left his vehicle and upon return he realised the right -side glass of the passenger seat was damaged. When, the door was opened through the help of his mechanic, he noticed his bag was missing.

Key items in the said bag included his laptop, hard drive and other assorted official documents.

The main accused Abdul Kassim Bangura was sent on remand by Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No.1 in Freetown for alleged stealing from the football Coach.

Magistrate, Ngegba refused the accused bail considering the gravity of the offence and adjourned the matter to April 25, 2023.