The CEO of Kellie FC, Elijah Kellie, and Chairman Moses Kellie, has disclosed that they aim to use football as a tool for promoting health messages, education, community development, and gender equality.

They made this disclosure to the media While providing a background on the renowned philanthropic football club.

In their statement, they expressed their belief that football has the potential to positively impact lives. Their goal is to offer young people, regardless of gender, the chance to participate in organized team sports and gain valuable experiences, while also contributing to their communities through outreach programs

Citing that the organization emphasizes holistic development, placing a priority on the health, education, and personal growth of its participants. Its programs are designed to improve educational outcomes, raise awareness about sexual health, promote gender equality, and foster the development of essential life skills.

They further stated that they have recently launched a national tour aimed at raising awareness among young people, engaging with communities through football matches with teams from across the country, and supporting young people in their journey out of poverty.

In addition to this, they also donate sports equipment, books, nutrition, and other daily necessities to facilitate growth and development, with the ultimate goal of transforming the lives of these young people.

The CEOs disclosed that the organization consists of several squads, which are the Kellie FC Senior Squad, Kellie FC Under 10 Squad, Kellie FC Under 14 Squad, Kellie FC Under 17, and Kellie FC Female Squad (The Angels).

The mission of our organization is to utilize sports coaching as a tool to empower and uplift disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. We aim to create an environment that fosters critical discussions on important topics such as sexual and reproductive health, while also providing talented individuals with pathways to success through scholarships. Additionally, we strive to promote gender equality by offering safe and inclusive learning spaces for both girls and boys”

“As an organization, we have been dedicated to transforming lives through sports for over 18 years. Our mission is to work with children, communities, and sponsors to earn their trust and bring about real and lasting change in the lives of young people. We strive to maximize the impact of every support we receive and achieve as much as possible towards our goal,” they stated.

They called on Wellminded Sierra Leoneans and other NGOs to support and partner with their cause.

Kellie Football Club (CBO) was established in 2006 by CEO Elijah Kellie and Chair Moses Kellie. It is a sports development organization with a primary goal of empowering young people to reach their full potential through sports, education, and health. Their focus is on serving communities and utilizing sports as a tool to foster positive change in the lives of children and youth.