On Thursday, June 19, 2024, a team of ten law graduates, co-opted by the Executive Director of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq, presented a draft legal framework for the Sports Development Foundation 2024. This presentation took place at Dr. Abdulai’s office on Signal Hill Road after the graduates completed two weeks of volunteer work.

Led by Aglyn T. Kamara, the team utilized a PowerPoint presentation to detail their methodology and findings. The draft legal framework aims to enhance the management and development of sports in the country, as per the guidelines provided in the National Sports Authority Act.

One of the team members, Mohamed Sesay, elaborated on the key provisions of section 22(1) of the National Sports Authority Act, which calls for the establishment of a sports development fund. This fund is intended to support the effective management of sports nationwide.

Sulaiman Gbla, another team member, provided an overview of the draft framework, which consists of 51 rules and regulations distributed across six orders:

Order I – Preliminary Order: Outlines the initial steps and general provisions necessary for the framework.
Order II – Establishment of the National Sports Development Trust Fund: Details the creation and purpose of the Trust Fund.
Order III – Governance of the National Sports Development Trust Fund: Specifies the governance structure and operational guidelines for the Trust Fund.
Order IV – Financial Provisions: Covers the financial management, funding sources, and expenditure protocols of the Trust Fund.
Order V – Offences and Penalties: Enumerates the violations and corresponding penalties to ensure compliance with the framework.
Order VI – Miscellaneous Provisions: Includes additional provisions that support the framework’s implementation.

These chapters capture all the provisions that will enable the effective functioning of the legal instrument,” Gbla explained during his presentation.

In response, Dr. Abdulai commended the team for their dedication and hard work. He highlighted the impressive accomplishment of drafting such a comprehensive document in just two weeks. “This is a testament to your dedication and hard work,” he remarked, while also suggesting areas for improvement to ensure the framework’s durability and effectiveness.

Dr. Abdulai announced that the draft framework would be presented to sports stakeholders in a consultative meeting. He expressed his excitement about involving the young graduates in this process, providing them with an opportunity to refine the document further in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The meeting concluded with an official handing over of the draft legal framework to Dr. Abdulai and the NSA Deputy Executive Director, marking a significant step forward in the journey towards improved sports management and development in the country.