The Community Affairs Manager of Leone Rock Metal Group, Robert Salia Kamara presented the sum of NLe 37,000 to the executive of the Sambaia Chiefdom Football Association as support to the proposed Chiefdom’s Sectional Gala that is slated to start on the 26th of December 2023.

The cash was presented to the Youth Leader of Sambaia Chiefdom Yirrah Turay in the presence of a cross-section members of the Chiefdom Youth Committee.

Though the gesture was widely acclaimed, Sambaia Chiefdom First, a local civil rights organization in the Chiefdom has  condemned that such a huge sum of money was expected to be presented in public as per protocols.

According to Abu DS Jalloh, the organization’s Executive Director, the money was given to a few of the Youth Executives unknowingly to the majority of the youths and football enthusiasts and administrators in the community.

For future reference, we want our leaders to know that nothing is hidden in this 21st century and expect that whenever such money is given by the company, there’s a need to thank them in the open because it’s not a secret donation,” Jalloh wrote on his Facebook handle.

However, Jalloh thanked the company, especially the Community Affairs Department for what he said was a laudable and timely venture.

“On behalf of the Put Sambaia Chiefdom First, a community-based Civil society Organization, I want to on behalf of my team, thank the company for their generous offer. We know as a company, you have a lot of choices when it comes to donating, and we are so grateful that you chose to donate towards our Sectional Gala competition in Sambaia Chiefdom,” the Executive Director said.

All  efforts to reach the Sambaia Chiefdom Youth Chairman and the Leone Rock Deputy Community Affairs Manager to ascertain Jalloh’s assertions  all proved unsuccessful.

Sambaia Chiefdom is in the Northern District of Tonkolili and it’s one of the company’s operational communities. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company has been donating and supporting development-driven projects aimed at fostering sustainable development.

The donation was to help the Chiefdom Youth Committee of the aforementioned Chiefdom smoothly run their end-of-year football competitions.