In a pre-match statement, Kwame Quee, the match captain of Leone Stars’ Home base team, conveyed the team’s unwavering determination to leave a lasting impact in their friendly against Ivory Coast scheduled for January 6th, 2024.

Quee asserted, “In football, outcomes are threefold – win, lose, or draw. However, our collective mindset is geared towards securing a victory in the upcoming match.”

The head coach, Alhaji Foray, echoed Quee’s sentiments, expressing confidence in the team’s readiness and the players’ dedication to showcasing their skills on the field. Foray emphasized the significance of the match, highlighting its role in preparing the players for the CHAN competition and the looming AFCON qualifiers in March.

Optimism radiated from Foray as he spoke about the team’s prospects in the friendly against Ivory Coast. He pointed out the positive mindset ingrained in the players and their strong focus, attributing it as a key factor for their optimism heading into the crucial fixture.

This match holds immense importance for us as a team. It serves as a valuable opportunity for our players to fine-tune their skills and strategies, essential preparations for the challenges awaiting us in the CHAN competition and the upcoming AFCON qualifiers,” noted Foray, underscoring the broader significance of the friendly.

The head coach’s optimism extended to the team’s chances of clinching victory in the impending match. With a roster of talented and dedicated players, Leone Stars’ Home base team aims not only to make a mark in the friendly but also to set the stage for success in the forthcoming competitions on their agenda. The collective spirit and focus exhibited by both the captain and the head coach underscore a shared commitment to achieving success on the football pitch.