Amidu Karim, the head coach of Leone Stars, has voiced his disappointment at Sudan’s and Botswana’s withdrawal from scheduled friendlies, highlighting how these matches would have aided in the selection process for Sierra Leone’s upcoming World Cup Qualifier against Djibouti in June this year.

The withdrawal of these friendlies has forced Coach Karim to shift his focus towards closely monitoring the performances of foreign-based players on a week-to-week basis. “The focus is to see how Sierra Leone can gain more points in our next two encounters in the World Cup Qualifiers,” he expressed.

In light of the setback, Coach Karim is also directing his attention towards the yet-to-be-released CAF Group stage fixtures, anticipating the countries Sierra Leone will be grouped with. “I am keeping my eyes on which countries we will share a group with. And again I am following the local league to see which home-based players along with the professionals will make my squad,” he emphasized.

Despite the challenges, Coach Karim remains optimistic about the future of Leone Stars. He mentioned scouting professional players who align with his tactical approach, aiming to elevate Sierra Leone’s presence in major continental and global tournaments.

The turn of 2024 has presented Coach Karim with various engagements. Alongside his football responsibilities, he has demonstrated philanthropic gestures by donating football gear and cash prizes to gala organizers. Furthermore, he was observed imparting knowledge at a training session arranged by the Sierra Leone Football Association for technical officials.

The commencement of 2024 has proven to be a busy period for Coach Karim, balancing his duties within the football sphere while also engaging in community-driven initiatives and educational endeavors.

As Leone Stars prepare for their upcoming fixtures, Coach Amidu Karim remains steadfast in his commitment to steer the team towards success, despite the hurdles encountered along the way.