Sierra Leone’s National Football Team, Leone Stars, under the auspices of Team Manager, Mr Babadi Kamara, the man with so many firsts under his record, has past Friday the13th August 2021, returned to Freetown in triumph having spent two weeks shuttling between the South and East of the country, that is between the cities of Bo and Kenema, as part of the team’s training program for AFCON 2022.

This was no mean feat as it is the first time in the history of Leone Stars that the team has been given the opportunity to play exhibition matches away from Freetown for a whole fortnight.

Another first for Team Manager, Mr Babadi Kamara, whose presence in that position, has motivated the team even more!
A lot of inspirational events did take place during that fortnight of training and much dividends were yielded.

The squad was given a giant boost when it was paid a surprise visit by the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh.

VP Jalloh was full of admiration for the organization of the team and the comportment of the players which he said was exemplary.

Describing the two weeks training as a “milestone”, VP Juldeh heaped praises on Team Manager Mr Babadi Kamara and the entire technical staff saying that it is the best he has ever seen in the nation.

SLFA Head of Media, Mr Ibrahim Kamara also paid a visit.

Team Manager, Mr Babadi Kamara, was to organize the squad for an exhibition match by dividing the team into two for the end of week training with a star prize of Le12,500,00 (twelve million five hundred thousand Leones ) for the winning side and Le7,500,000 for the runner up with it being part of the training exercise.

Another first for Leone Stars all courtesy of Team Manager Mr Babadi Kamara!

To cut a long story short, one side was to win anyway with that side awarded the star prize.

The two weeks training was so inspirational that Leone Stars was to get a goal galore in friendly matches played against three football clubs.

Leone Stars defeated Freetown All Stars by 5 goals to 1.

Kenema All Stars faced the playing power of Leone Stars with them going down at the last whistle, 0:6 with Leone Stars players having been buoyed up by the inspiration of Team Manager, Mr Babadi Kamara, played their best to increase their goal scoring power.

Bo All Stars survived the Leone Stars onslaught by holding them to a 2:2 draw.

A football fan was to remark: “If Leone Stars continue like this, there is no team in AFCON that could stop it from bringing the cup home from Cameroon in 2022”.

There was a secret behind the successes of Leone Stars over the past two weeks which was also a first for the team:
Bo Rangers Clubhouse which is the first in the country for any local team, offered its hospitality to the National Team.
The comfort itself inside that Clubhouse was an inspiration in itself for the team.

The Clubhouse itself is solar powered which means there was light 24/7 for the players to enjoy and with a play station at their disposal, they enjoyed their nights together as they prepared themselves for the next match the next day. Food served was not only decent but just appropriate for footballers.

Throughout the two weeks there was happiness amongst players, technical staff and the Team Manager. The camaraderie among them was just great giving them more inspiration for whatever is to come 2022. Over