The African Cup of Nations Qualifiers between Sierra Leone and Nigeria ended in a 3-2 loss on Sunday.

Nigeria won 2-3 to Sierra Leone, in a match corresponding to the African Cup of Nations qualifiers.
Sierra Leone hosted the match in Liberia because their stadium is on repairs. Despite several attempts to host the match at home in a newly opened stadium in Bo called the Southern Arena FIFA could not agree to their demands.
The match started at 4 pm and in the first 19 minutes, Nigeria gets their first goal from their informed striker, Oshimeh. They keep pushing and then Oshimeh made it 2 against the host in the 32 minutes.
The game keeps pushing on and Sierra Leone becomes aware of their position to they keep pushing hard and gets a conciliation goal from M. Bundu in the 42 minutes before they went into half time.
At 2:1 the second half start. Sierra Leone was on top of situation as they went out with the flare of being in control. Pushing on the had another goal from Kargbo in the 84th minutes to make it 2:2.
people started wondering if it going to be like the 5:5 draw in Nigeria years ago when Sierra Leone was also 5:1 down and they were able to turn it around to 5:5. Yet, this one was different as Nigeria were able to break the defense of Sierra Leone in the 95th minute to make it 3:2 with a goal scored by Iheanacho. Despite several attempts to level the match, Sierra Leone were not able to score another before the final whistle.