Leone Stars Winger Prince Barrie has hailed her mother on Facebook as he presented his Leone Stars AFCON jersey to her.

The winger  has shared an awesome photos of himself and his mother displaying  his Leone Stars Jersey After his AFCON participation. Barrie is among the Leone Stars players who were in Cameroon for the 2021 African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

The Leone Stars midfielder has always been seen around his mother and has many times posted awesome photos with his family  to show his fans around the world. In the photo, the former FC Kallon star posted on his page,  this is my first gift from my heart to mama, I love you mama”  Prince Barrie’s mother can be seen Putting on  the Leone Star’s Jersey with her son.

Prince Barrie (born 18 August 1997) was playing  for Bo Rangers as a striker in the Sierra Leone Premier League. He has been recently signed by East End Lions Football club.