Libyan Football Club Al-ittihad has notified Leone Stars Forward Musa Noah Kamara that they will file a case against him with the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber if he fails to start work with the club as a professional footballer based on contract concluded with him.

The Letter from the Libyan Club reads“We refer to your contract with Al-Ittihad Club, which starts on 15/08/2022 and ends on 14/08/2024. We also point out that your loan period to Bo Rangers Football Club has expired on 30/06/2023 and the vacation granted to you has ended. Accordingly, you are required to start your work with Al-Ittihad Club as a professional player based on the contract concluded with you, which expires on 14/08/2024. We also inform you that if you do not commit to joining work no later than 01/09/2023, we will have to file a case against you with the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber. This has been your notification

The Sierra Leone Football Association had earlier opened an intensive investigation into Controversies around Musa Tombo’s transfer saga over the past years including the ongoing saga with Libya’s topflight club Al-Ittihad.

Following a Press Release by the FA dated 7th December 2022, SLFA reveals that “Following a thorough investigation on controversies surrounding Musa Noah “Tombo” Kamara regarding an alleged abandonment of a professional contract in Libya, the Sierra Leone Football Association has established that the Leone Stars striker signed a two-year contract with Al Ittihad Sports Club and registered under the Libyan Football Association. The said contract is valid from the 15th of August 2022 to the 14th of August 2024.