Luawa FC has condemned the recent alleged physical attack on Head Coach Sebastian Bowles by Abubakarr Tostao Kamara, the Head Coach of Real Republicans.

In a Press statement dated 17th March 2023, Luawa FC said that the reprehensible incident resulted in Coach Bowles sustaining facial bruises, a broken tooth, and the loss of a dental clip due to blows inflicted by Tostao adding that Coach Bowles promptly reported the assault to the authorities and obtained a medical report, which confirmed that he suffered a concussion during the attack.

Luawa believes the violence perpetrated by Tostao in the presence of players undermines the principles of fair play and respect that are integral to football.

The club calls upon the Premier League Board and the football association to thoroughly investigate the incident and take swift disciplinary action against Coach Tostao.

Luawa FC affirms its commitment to stand in solidarity with Coach Bowles and pledges its full support in pursuing all legal channels to prevent similar incidents in the future.