Fans of the Kenema Kamboi Eagles football team on 29 January 2023 chanted songs and displayed Placards with the inscription ‘’MANZOLA MUST STAY!’’ in their home game to Wusum Stars from Makeni.

Following the recent stands of the team in the league, it is believed that many fans and other stakeholders are not happy with the team manager and there were rumors of his removal recently. Kamboi Eagles currently stand at the 14th position in the Sierra Leone Premier League having 9 points after 10 games, securing 1 win, 6 draws, and 3 losses respectively.

Speaking to the press, Sidi fofanah the CEO of Karima investment and Starline Radio responding to the event said; “I believe that Manzola must stay, This is the time we need unity we do not need division now, the time that Manzola was funding the team everything was cool as he was spending a lot on Kamboi Eagles FC and now people are saying that he is not doing much for the team, let us all come on board and put our money and give him support to making sure that our team has the victory. This is not an individual business and Manzola is not the one playing rather this is for the entire Kenema District.’’

He furthered that, there are stakeholders, ministers, directors, councils, and government representatives who are all bound to support Manzola rather they are nowhere to be found, and all the blame is been shouldered on Manzola alone.

’ Let the stakeholders come on board and support Manzola and see how far he can go before his removal but you cannot just remove him with all the effort embedded in the team just like that, it is not fair.,’ he maintained.

Sidi Fofanah called on all fans and people of Kenema to come together and support Kamboi Eagles as it belongs to the people of Kenema district. He said Manzola’s tenure will soon come to an end and if he has to go, he will not be going with Kamboi Eagles FC.