The Managing Director of Mercury International, Martin E Michael, has issued a Press release dated 7th January 2022 reminding the Public that it retailers and valued customers that Mercury International does not allow bets to be placed on Leone Stars Matches during the AFCON Tournament.

The release further stated that Mercury International has always maintained a strict policy in that regard and will continue to enforce same and the staff and retailers are regularly sensitized and informed of this.

He cited that Unfortunately, the AFCON games featuring Leone Stars will appear on the website as the site is being run by foreign agents and removed of Leone Stars games on their site will cause it to be removed on thousands of other betting platforms run by non-affiliated international companies: however, bets cannot be placed on these matches and an attempt will result in the following error message being displayed “Bet Slip Authorization Apologies, This Event is Unavailable to Mercury Bet Players”

Michael emphasized that customers can bet on other AFCON games not featuring Leone Stars, but management has decided that this is the best decision to protect the players from any kind of unnecessary backlash and pressure

He concluded by reiterate their commitment to provide gaming services of the highest quality to the people of Sierra Leone while simultaneously ensuring strict adherence to it’s laws and regulations and maintaining their steller reputation earned over the past 15years.

On behalf of Mercury International, he wishes Leone Stars good luck in the African Cup of Nations.