Mogbwemo Queens prolific striker Mariama Sembu recently scored 4 goals against their opponent Kahula Queens in Kenema.

Mogbwemo Queens, extended their unbeaten streak to a record nine matches with a dominant 7-0 victory against last season’s runners-up, Kahunla Queens.

Despite a slow start, they took command in the 22nd minute when Wuya Mohai scored her sixth goal of the season. Mariama Sambu added to the lead with a remarkable strike from 40 meters just before halftime.

This victory places Mogbwemo Queens five points ahead of second-placed Ram K FC and six points clear of Kallon FC, with a total of 34 goals.

The Mogbwemo Quuens super striker precision of goal-scoring is ingenious. Since she signed up for the club.

This young woman from Guinea Bissau rose through odds, ranks, financial constraints, and negative opinions to become one of the finest football stars in the current Sierra Leone female Premier League