Sierra Leone’s Mohamed Buya Turay’s football career took a turn in 15 minutes on Saturday after he sustained a Fifth Metatarsal Fracture in a match between Henan Jianye FC and Chongqing yang River FC.

A fifth metatarsal fracture is a type of broken bone in your foot. You have 5 metatarsals. They are the middle bones in your feet, between your toes, and your ankle bones (tarsals). The fifth metatarsal connects your smallest toe to your ankle. These bones help with arch support and balance.

Possible complications of a fifth metatarsal fracture

  • The bone doesn’t heal correctly
  • Acute compartment syndrome. This is when pressure builds up in the muscles of the foot and affects blood flow.

Buya in a post on his Facebook page said he was excited about a match they had on May 9, 2021, against Chongqing yang River FC, and it was unfortunate that he was out of the game in 15 minutes due to the injury he sustained.

“To my family, friends, and fans I want you all to know that I’m suffering from Fifth Metatarsal Fracture and it’s so painful and stressful,” he said.

“I have been praying to be free from injury so that I will be able to stay on the pitch, score goals till the end of my career,” he said.

Buya in the post also said that he has been playing professional football for over 9 years in order to achieve his football goals in life.

He ended his post by asking fans to keep him in their prayers as he wants to recover soon and go back to what he loves doing most which is playing football.

Buya is a Centre-Forward for the Sierra Leone’s national Team, Leone Stars and Henan Jianye FC, a professional football club in the Chinese Super League..