Mohamed Kallon Loses Out as SLFA Releases Names of Election Nominees

Mohammed Kallon, Sierra Leonean Football legend and Chairman of F.C Kallon has been omitted from the final names of nominees for the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) elections after failing to be nominated before the nomination deadline.

In a statement released by the SLFA Electoral committee on Wednesday, there were 17 successful nominations received before the January 8th deadline. 5 nominees are contesting for the position of the President while 4 nominees will challenge for the SLFA Vice President 1. There are 2 nominees for Vice President 2 while 6 nominees will challenge for the Executive Committee positions.

According to the SLFA, the nomination process was clearly communicated to all members of the football association and any aggrieved member is allowed to protest within the stipulated period. It also said that Mohamed Kallon was not successfully nominated at the close of the January 8th 2021 nominations having lacked essential requirements and valid members of the FA to nominate him.

The full list of nominees are:

Presidential Nominees

  1. Rodney Michael, nominated by Pujehun District FA, seconded by Moyamba District
  2. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, nominated by Old Edwardians F.C, seconded by F.C Kallon
  3. Thomas Daddy Brima, nominated by Central Parade F.C, seconded by Anti Drugs F.C
  4. Kofi Deen Nyakoh, nominated by Ports Authority F.C, seconded by Bo District FA
  5. Isha Johansen, nominated by Eastern Region FA, seconded by F.C Johansen

Vice President 1 Nominees

  1. Brima Kamara, nominated by National Heroes, seconded by Western Area Rural District FA
  2. Idrissa Tarawally, proposed by Ports Authority F.C, seconded by Old Edwardians F.C
  3. Augustine Kambo, nominated by Central Parade F.C, seconded by F.C Kallon
  4. Anthony Navo Jr, nominated by East End Tigers F.C, seconded by East End Lions F.C

Vice President 2 Nominees

  1. Francis Amara Konowa, nominated by F.C Kallon, seconded by Old Edwardians F.C
  2. Alie Badara Tarawally, nominated by Portloko District FA, seconded by Tonkolili District

Ex-Officio Nominees

  1. Abdul Kanasiu Rollings, nominated by Ports Authority, seconded by Old Edwardians
  2. John D. Dissa, nominated by National Heroes, seconded by Western Area Rural District FA
  3. Kweku Lisk, nominated by East End Lions F.C, seconded by F.C Johansen
  4. Ramatulai Kamara, nominated by Karene District FA, seconded by East End Tigers F.C
  5. Sheriff Barrie, nominated by Anti Drugs F.C, seconded by Central Parade F.C
  6. Mohamed Sorie Jalloh, nominated by Tonkolili District FA, seconded by Portloko District FA
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The electoral committee is expected to published a final list of contestants ahead of the election scheduled for February 26th & 27th in Makeni City.

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  • Noorudin KaiKai | 2021-01-20 15:20:58
    George Ware,the present president of Liberia gained international fame on the football field and brought recognition to his home country. He also represented his country in international soccer tournaments and though the Liberian national team is never a contender in regional football competitions, not to mention, the global stage, yet he did his best to develop the sport in his country. So it was not difficult for him to clinch the presidency when he ran for the office, and this was in part because of the appreciation of his people. Mohamed Kallon, on the other hand have not had the same luck. Although he also gained international fame on the football field and have represented Sierra Leone in several international competitions, sometimes even spending his own money to pay air fare and accommodation for his teammates, his countrymen still fail to recognize his effort. It is a pity that he is unable to garner any support for his bid to head SLFA. With so much wealth of experience, what better person is suited for that position. However, like every other thing that happens in Salone; favoritism, politics, and the pull people down syndrome have once again won the day.
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