Bo Rangers striker, Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as Musa Tombo, has today engaged his beautiful girlfriend, Hawa Tombo, in a very colourful ceremony at Kawusu Street, Bo City, which attracted thousands of people.

Many, especially on social media doubted whether the two love birds were ever going to cement their union before God and man; but they have dispelled such doubts today by taking this unprecedented step. The prolific goal puncher for Bo Rangers did promise, and has finally delivered in sublime fashion


In recent times, there has been many controversies surrounding the relationship  between the two lovers. Hawa Tombo was spotted on a live video expressing her frustrations over people who consider her a gold digger. she passionately expresses her love for  Musa and also empathize with the football striker.

The engagement between the two couples has finally  silence  critics  who were doubting whether this relationship would thrive.

Bo Rangers Executive Chairman – CEO of Leadway Trading; and National Men’s Team Manager, Babadi Kamara functioned as one of the godparents for the much talked about marriage in Sierra Leone.

Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as Musa Tombo whose controversial transferred to Bo Rangers from reigning Premier League club, East End Lions, took the entire sporting community in Sierra Leone by surprise, fell in love with Bo City’s beautiful daughter, Hawa, upon his arrival in the Nation’s second capital. Hawa has since contributed immensely to the success of Musa’s football career in the course of their relationship. It is therefore not a surprise to many that the footballing sensation has decided to spend the rest of his life with Hawa.

Coaches, colleague players, technical officers and supporters of Bo Rangers Football Club; players and staff of the National team, were all in attendance to witness this August occasion in Bo City.

The white wedding is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 17th December, 2021; with wedding reception at Dohas Hotel.