Musa Tombo is reportedly in critical condition at the Bo Government hospital after stabbing himself earlier today.

It is reported that the Leone Stars forward wanted to end his life due to problems he is having with his wife, Hawa Tombo.

According to multiple reports, Musa Tombo is in critical condition, and the only thing he needs now is prayer.

“Pray for Musa Tombo😭😭😭😭😭😭
He has been rush to the Bo government hospital this morning but his condition is very critical and the only thing he needs now is prayer,” popular blogger, Hawanatu Konneh posted.

“I am currently at the Bo Government Hospital. Musa Tombo is being attended to by a team of nurses and doctors after allegedly stabbing himself. A high level team of police officers have just arrived together with several journalists. I couldn’t take any photos of Musa for professionalism sake. He seem to be in pain. The police are currently asking on the onlookers to leave the corridors of the hospital and restricting all from taking any photos,” a report from Classic Sport revealed.

Meanwhile, some Sierra Leoneans on social have called on popular Nigerian pastor, Jerry Eze, of “what God cannot do does not exist” fame to offer prayers for the troubled footballer. His arrival today in Sierra Leone happens to coincide with the unfortunate self-stabbing incident of Musa Tombo.