In an exclusive interview with Mags Tribune Sports, Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as Musa Tombo has revealed Cristiano Ronaldo as his Football Idol and Manchester United as His Dream Club.

In the said interview, Kamara reveals that if given the chance, he would like to play for Manchester United FC One day as he described the prospect as a highly appealing. He confirmed his versatility as a player, with skills in basketball, tennis, and football.

Speaking on his quest for scoring goals, Kamara affirmed that he draws inspiration from his family and scoring goals is the only way he can get them out of poverty.

Kamara states β€œMy family motivates me to score goals, the reason is because I was hailed from a poor family. Whenever I think about my family status, I become more angry and motivated to score goals lots of goals because scoring goals will make you available in the market”

He further revealed that his energy to play is natural and not attributed to the level of food he eats.

He described the goal against Ivory Coast in the African Cup Of Nations as the most memorable goal in his Football career. He described the goal as the most memorable because it was his first for the national team.