Kroo Town Road emerged triumphant with a commanding 2-0 victory over Fourah Bay in a thrilling clash during the COFA Inter-Community League Semifinal.

The match brimmed with intensity and suspense, showcasing stellar performances from Musa N Kamara, aka Musa Tombo, and Joseph Koroma, known as Kaka, who propelled their team to the Grand Finale.

Right from the kickoff, both sides displayed exceptional skill and determination, captivating the audience with their dynamic play. Musa Tombo broke the deadlock early on with a precise strike, igniting euphoria among Kroo Town Road fans. Despite Fourah Bay’s relentless attempts to level the score, Kroo Town Road’s defense stood resolute, thwarting any clear-cut chances.

As the game progressed, Kroo Town Road maintained their offensive momentum, demonstrating cohesive teamwork and strategic acumen. Kaka’s well-executed goal further solidified their lead, clinching the victory and securing their spot in the Grand Finale.

Musa N Kamara’s stellar performance earned him the coveted title of Man of the Match, with his decisive goal setting the tone for Kroo Town Road’s success and highlighting his prowess as a top-tier striker.

With this impressive win, Kroo Town Road has punched their ticket to the highly anticipated Grand Finale of the Inter-Community League. Buoyed by their loyal supporters, they now gear up to face their upcoming opponents, fueled by the momentum garnered from this triumph.

The stage is now set for an electrifying showdown in the Grand Finale, where Kroo Town Road aims to etch their name in the annals of COFA Inter-Community League history by seizing the ultimate victory.