Leone Stars and Former Bo Rangers striker, Musa Noah Kamara aka Musa Tombo had finally reunited with the Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers Football Club Babadi Kamara.

This reunion of Father and son relationship surfaced the web when both, Babadi and Musa Tombo were spotted on photo.

Babadi and Musa has had hiccups for weeks. The most shocking of all was the unexpected termination of Musa’s contract from Bo Rangers FC. This decision by the Board of Directors of Bo Rangers FC was seen to extreme for the player. There were reactions from football loving fans and supporters of Musa and Bo Rangers.

Following to this decision, Babadi was alleged and blasted by many who believed the judgement passed on Musa Tombo was not just.

Addressing the allegations from the public, Babadi issued a press statement where each allegations was addressed to his best of knowledge about Musa. On that regard, Babadi disclosed on the the notice that, no one has ever invested in Musa Tombo more than he has done over the years. He added that, Musa Tombo is not just a player of Bo Rangers but also treated him as a son or elder brother relationship.

Following to a video that went viral where Musa Tombo was spotted tendering an apology to Babadi Kamara over his actions and allegations levied on him, Babadi Kamara has forgiven Musa and accepted him back as a member if the family. This diligent action of Babadi has proven beyond Al reasonable doubts his love for Musa Tombo.

The are rumours going round that the Libya side Al-lttihad SC has terminated Musa Tombo’s contract with the team. On this note, if the rumours are to be true, this leaves Musa without a club for now.

Now that he has finally reunited with his former Boss and Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers FC Babadi Kamara, there might be possibilities that Musa’s contract might be renew.

We don’t know yet but as it stands now, Musa Tombo and Babadi Kamara has finally reunited.