Musa Noah Kamara has visited the Potafa Community League(school yard) as his local team Barbing Shop was in action today. According to Sources Musa wanted to take part in the match but the organisers refused to allow him because of a recent ban from SLFA.

In recent times, Sierra Leone Football Association media and marketing head Ibrahim Kamara said they had suspended Musa Kamara due to the controversy surrounding his status with his Libyan team, Al Ittihad.

“In a bid to effect sanity into the said matter, the FA has taken a decision to temporarily suspend Musa Noah Kamara from participating in all SLFA sanctioned and affiliated competitions in Sierra Leone,” a statement from Ibrahim Kamara reads.

“Meanwhile, SLFA is gathering more information on the said matter, including details on Musa’s status under the Libyan FA to inform the federations next line of action.”
The suspension effectively rules out the player from the Bafana Bafana friendly at FNB Stadium.

Musa Kamara told the media recently that he wanted to quit Al Ittihad, barely a week after signing for them.He released a video clip of himself holding a knife, saying if he was not allowed to quit the club, he would die.
“If I am still here, I will die. Do you understand? This is the situation of what is happening to me right now,” Musa recorded himself saying in the video clip.

Al Ittihad have since accused Musa Kamara of breaching his contract with the club.
The forward joined the Libyan club after being released by his Sierra Leonean football club Bo Rangers on disciplinary grounds.Bo Rangers took the bold decision to release the player despite that it was his 19 goals that earned them the Sierra Leone Premier League championship for the first time in over three decades.